Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What kind of media can you use to build a digital narrative?
RIN supports a large number of media formats; standard audio and video formats, text, as well as the new formats such as Microsoft® Photosynth™, Deep Zoom™, etc. New visualization formats can be incorporated by adding dynamically-loadable plugins.

2. Can anyone create a digital narrative?
Not right now. In order to stimulate discussion and solicit feedback, we’ve announced the availability of a web based player that can handle multiple media formats to deliver a truly interactive and rich experience. We have also worked with external partners to create content that showcases the technology. However, we are not making RIN broadly available right now.

3. So when will you make it available?
We haven’t frozen on a timeframe for this, or how it will be made available. Keep checking for updates

4. When will this technology be made available commercially?
Our present focus is to work with partners to further validate and enhance the technology.

5. Will MSR keep making narratives and releasing them?
We will work with select partners to create more compelling content.

6. What kind of partners are you looking for?
We do not have any preset criteria for working with a partner. We will look for the potential to create challenging and compelling narratives, as well as help us extend the platform by creating new visualization plugins.

7. Does this project focus on heritage?
No, heritage narratives are not the main focus of the RIN technology. We have created a few narratives based on heritage since the field presents a number of difficult challenges. RIN could be used just as effectively to make personal narratives, or narratives based on any number of domains such as education, technology etc.

8. Will the player work in any browser?
The player is based on Microsoft® Silverlight™, so it should play in any browser that supports Silverlight™ (Version 4.0).

9. Where can I find more about the Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) technology by Microsoft® Research?
You can find details about the RIN technology at


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